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10th April 2014


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14th January 2014

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Rob Driscoli makes that balloon artist you hired for your kid’s birthday party look like a damn amateur


You think your child is going to be happy with a half-mangled ‘sausage dogs’ and a ‘sword’ that any idiot could make when they see this shit? Better up your game, parents.

Rob’s UK based as well - we’re just saying…

Rob has hundreds of these on his blog, but here are a few highlights:

1. A whole roast dinner!


2. A pretty bloody realistic scorpion


3. Mickey Mouse that actually looks like Mickey Mouse


(Loads more, plus tutorials, on Rob Driscoli’s blog)

11th January 2014

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8th January 2014


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6th January 2014


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5th January 2014

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3rd January 2014

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2nd January 2014


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2nd January 2014

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2nd January 2014


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